Welcome to the Law Firm of Karen Parra and Bianca Sharma Associates Law Firm.

Our prestigious Law Firm has incorporated an exclusive list of Legal English speaking Attorneys – at – Law, and we belong to the English speaking Lawyer’s list of the British Embassy and recently of the Embassy of Australia.


We offer a close legal service with great efficiency and reliability, counting on great professional and vocational skills, with an exquisite command of the English Legal language. We provide a dedicated high quality Legal service for our clients, and our Firm incorporates experienced Lawyers in Court. We have handled innumerable Law suits  at Court during years on a daily basis in our profession. Our experience is unrivaled and second to none. Our highly trained staff is dedicated to our clients and we are available whenever we are needed.




“When you are facing serious criminal charges…you need a Serious Trial Lawyer”
“When you have a lot stake…a winning record counts”
“When no one else will fight for you after any injury accident…we will be there to guide and help you through…”



Amongst other important Law suits, we were recommended for the defense and Legal representation of the pacifist Omar Ossama Bin Laden during his asylum request in Spain. This was a notorious news  that ran around the world and was featured in the press world wide, like the New York Times.





Our especialist: Bianca Sharma








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